Laboratory, Scientific and Architectural Glassware

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Aimer Products Ltd. have secured some highly skilled staff from a former stopcock manufacturer that went info liquidation in January.

Sintered Discs

Aimer sintered glassware is made in our own factory from borosilicate glass and is resistant to all reagents except hydrofluoric acid...

Simax Glass

We are now able to offer a wide range of affordable standard glassware from Simax


The Orsat Analyser is designed for analysis of integrated or grab samples from fossil fuel emission sources.

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Laboratory Glassware

Aimer's own brand of High Vacuum Greaseless Stopcocks

We have now set up and are fully operational to manufacture our own brand of a well known high vacuum greaseless stopcock. All the parts fromm the precision bore tubing (for the barrels) to the PTFE pistons are manufactured by our highly skilled staff on site at our Enfield workshop.

Aimer Products Ltd is a family run business that was established in the early 1900's manufacturing the very first X-ray tubes and Laboratory Glassware.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of bespoke glassware. We specialise in scientific and industrial glassblowing and manufacture all variations of specialist hand made glassware.

Petroleum Glassware

Aimer have been manufacturing glassware for the petrochemical industry for the past 50 years conforming to the stringent tolerances and specifications laid down by both ASTM and IP regulatory bodies.

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