Laboratory, Scientific and Architectural Glassware

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Petroleum Glassware

Aimer have been manufacturing glassware for the petrochemical industry for the past 50 years confirming to the strigent tolerances and specifications laid down by both ASTM andi IP regulatory bodies.

Listed below are the main glassware products we manufacture on a regular basis, If however you are looking for something that isn,t listed below please contact us.

ASTM Description
E123 5ml Receiver Style A , B , C , D , E
10ml Receiver Style A , B , C , D , E
500ml round bottom flask 24/29 socket
500ml round bottom flask 35 cup joint
1000ml round bottom flask 24/29 socket
500ml Erlenmeyer flask 24/29 socket
D91 Centrifuge tube 8"
D95 Condenser
D96 Centrifuge Tube 6"
Centrifuge Tube 8"
Pear shaped Centrifuge Tube 100ml
12.5ml Centrifuge Tube 100%
IP154 D130 Flat Glass Test tubes
IP10 D187 Chimney for Test Lamp
IP23 D322 Receivers Fig 1 & Fig 2
D483 Babcock Bottle
IP14 D524 Coking Bulbs
IP40 D525 Sample Container + Cover
IP2 D611 Tube
Stirrer pump body
IP158 D721 Filter Stick and cooling tube
Air Pressure Regulator
D893 D96 Cent Tube 8"
D936 Receiver
D941 Pyknometer
IP157 D943 Mushroom Condenser
IP388 Grad Test tube
Oxygen Delivery Tube
D1018 25ml Flask
D1160 200ml Jacketed Receiver
IP107 D1266 Mushroom Condenser
Grad Test tube
Oxygen Delivery Tube
IP156 D1319 Standard Column
Precision Bore Column
Ball Joint
D1500 Sample Jar
D1796 Centrifuge Tube 8" D96
D1837 Weathering Centrifuge Tube 100ml
D2273 100ml Centrifuge Tube Trace sediment
D2709 Pear shaped Centrifuge Tube 100ml
IP13 250ml Distilation Flask
IP14 200ml M/Cylinder
IP16 Unsilvered Vac Flask
Moisture Proof Collar A
Moisture Proof Collar B
IP19 Emuls Bath
IP27 Crow Receivers
Dsit Flask
IP48 Soap Bubble Flowmeter
IP53 Water Cups
IP74 Receiver
IP77 Extraction Apps
IP123 Dist Flask
Graduated Measuring Cylinder
IP143 Graduated Measuring Cylinder
IP196 Dist Flask
IP227 Amber Test tube
Hook Condenser
IP291 Condenser
IP309 Pipette
Test Jar 45ml
IP313 Test Vessel
IP317 Cent Tube weathering tube
IP354 Titration Flask
IP358 Dist Apps
IP369 Chromatography Column
IP419 Pipette
BS756 2ml Receiver Fig 5 B24
3ml Receiver Fig 11 type 2
7.5ml Receiver Fig 6
10ml Receiver Fig 7
12.5ml Receiver Fig 12
25ml Receiver Fig 8
Dist Flask Support Plates (hole Dia mm )